Tell your story using data

using the most equipped story telling data visualisation software

A user friendly software

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Import Data

Import numeric data from your computer (csv, txt, xlsx, etc).  

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Tell Story

Visualise your data with over 60 different charts. Use the time-line to watch your data like a movie. 


Export your charts and use them in your projects.

Create visuals

with 60+ charts at your disposal

3D spatial graph

3D spatial graph allows you to create scatter plots in 3D space. You can also add size and colour as extra dimensions.

You can view the graph through different angles to see the relationship between different axis.

Computer simulations for infectious diseases.

Carry out basic simulations for infectious diseases. You can set the parameters for a particular disease such as latency period, incubation period, recovery period, fatality rate, etc.

You can also adjust the population size, number of public locations, lockdown rules and more.