About Developer

I am Olusola Olaoye. The sole developer of CLUBASID. I developed this software with the main aim of taking data visualisation one step further. 

I am a software developer with a strong focus on interactive software, simulations, visualisations, game development, augmented reality and virtual reality.

I have a strong academic background in the field of computer science, obtaining my bachelors and masters degree from top universities in the UK.

You can check out my social links (LinkedIN and YouTube)

About Software

CLUBASID (CLUster BAsed Simulation for Infectious Diseases) is a software for data visualisation, analytics and computer simulations. CLUBASID is a one man dev software developed by Olusola Olaoye. Development started on March 2020. At first, it was only capable of infectious disease simulation, using a model similar to the SIR model. This is what the application looked like, after few days of development. 

After few months, I decided to add functionalities that would allow users to import their own custom data and visualise it. This made CLUBASID a visualisation, analytics and simulation software. 

This is what the software looked like in January 2023. It is capable of visualising data using over 60 different charts as well as several analytics and computer simulations.

I wrote articles about my development journey. This article was written after 1 year of development and this article was written after 2.5 years of development.

The last update on the CLUBASID software was on June 2023 and I will not be making any new updates on the software.